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list update!

1. thanks to the ice storm oklahoma had earlier this month, colin and i were without power for 10 days. we spent the first night in our house, but it got soooo cold and we couldn't take it anymore. we packed up the cats and stayed at the in-laws house in edmond. i learned that i never ever want to live in edmond.
2. i went to the dentist for the first time in 6 years and was pleasantly surprised to find out that i didn't have any cavities and my gums looked good! yay!
3. my mom got a kitty for christmas. it's a kitler and a cutie. my dad named him Adolf.
4. i got a digital camera for christmas, so you can expect many photos to be posted in the future.
5. i spent the last week watching seasons 1-3 of the office. poor toby.
6. colin and i are watching aubrie's kitties while she's out of town. tonight, we went to leave and my car wouldn't start. it's still in aubrie's driveway until i can get it towed tomorrow.
7. our cat penny got sick a week ago. turned out she had an obstruction in her large intestine and she stayed at the vets to make sure it passed without complications. she came back home on christmas eve and i'm still forcing antibiotics down her throat until tomorrow morning.

that's all i can think of now. i'm mad because earlier this year i went to the trouble of making a paper mache dick for a "dick in the box" gift to my friend jacy's boyfriend. it turned out super awesome and realistic looking. she recently re-gifted at a girl's bachelorette party. see if i ever go to the trouble of making something for her again.
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