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stolen from my sister-in-law!

mmmm... homemade pressies!

Here's how it works: be one of the first three commentors on this post, and I'll send you a homemade gift sometime in the near future (that is, when inspiration and time collide for me). In return, you go to your blog and make the same offer. So, you’ll be making three things and receiving one. Anyone can participate. Not just crafty/creative types. We're talking homemade. Anything.


What if I don’t like the gift I receive?
Too bad. Mom taught us all how to be gracious.

What if I’m not crafty or artistic? So? Do it anyway. There are millions of things to be made and some part of you needs to get in to the process of creating something with your hands. It is therapeutic and eye opening. Even if it is a paper airplane.

What about shipping? If postage is a concern, make a card -- that can be the gift. But if you want to carve a bust of the recipient out of pine, go ahead.

What? I have to give someone in cyberspace my address? Well, yeah. So you should probably only sign up here if you have read or known me for a few months, that way you know I am a fine upstanding citizen who wouldn't dream of doing anything untoward with your personal information. You may even get a holiday card after the exchange.
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